What is ESM Web Pro?

  • The platform improves visibility of key network infrastructure resources and facilitates effective management and optimisation of operations dependent on network infrastructure. ESM Web Pro enhances engineers’ activities using the relations between existing network and logical assets, their location, availability, compatibility and status to improve infrastructure visibility and integrity; network planning and sustainability; service coverage and fulfilment.

  • The system is designed to allow organisations to accurately model various physical infrastructure that is subject to their operations. All resources are GIS enabled and can be represented on a map through points, lines and polygons with custom attributes and visual representations. All infrastructure objects are georeferenced and schematically represented on maps that facilitate planning, impact analysis and fault localisation in case of failures. This provides complete transparency into electronic communications networks.

  • ESM WEB PRO is built on a robust module architecture and is composed of five distinct modules, each designated with a specific role and functionality. These modules, namely Electronic Communications Network (ECM), Coverage Areas, Organisations, Administration and Authentication & Permission management, seamlessly integrate to deliver all functionalities.
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Main Features

Network Maps

Network Maps

Capabilities for creating multiple network infrastructure maps to input, maintain and track various infrastructure assets with visual representation and searching features.

Asset Types

Asset Types

Modelling and arrangement of various types of infrastructure objects, necessary to refine and structure your data to enable engineers to input and manage them in network maps.

Infra Assignment

Infrastructure Assignment

Creation of active and passive network infrastructure equipment, attributes and relations to define, assign and manage the overall network and circuits.


Circuits and routing

Utilising and connecting existing infrastructure assets to create complete physical infrastructure circuits and routes that can be visualised, monitored and maintained.

Coverage areas

Coverage areas

Ddefining coverage areas specific to various types of services that are dependent on existing physical and logical network infrastructure created in network maps.

Asset management

Asset management

Maintain, replace and work with all infrastructure assets. Includes capabilities such as connecting, splitting and moving cables in geo-referenced representations of the network.

3rd party infra

3rd party infrastructure

Management of infrastructure assets for external providers to create a rich representation of the network.


Exporting capabilities

Export electronic communications networks and physical infrastructure in geo-referenced format entries that follow GIS standards.



Permissions for modules, functionalities and records can be assigned to users and teams separately for flexible access management.


The system offers transparency in network infrastructure, enabling faster impact analysis through georeferenced map representation. This ensures efficient and optimized management, streamlining operations for enhanced performance.

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ESM WEB PRO is a web based platform allowing sing-ins from any computer, tablet or mobile. The system is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari browsers.

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